Monday, September 27, 2010


Yeahhh i love this --> SSY, SSN, SW, N <---

Some say yes, some say no, so what, next.

You may not realize that we are born to be businessman. Everyday we selling our value, where ever we are, in work at home, gym or anywhere. Do you realize you selling yourself in friendship? We are born to become saleman. :-). So you when you sell yourself you may meet some people who say no, or yes, or doesn't care bout you. What you need to do, if they say no or yes, improve yourself. when you improve, your public speaking, your attitude, your knowledge you closing rate also improving. Just continue your life because life must go on. Improve learning is life process.

So if they say that, so what... NEXT :-). Meet me at my new blog :

Sunday, May 9, 2010

New roles of money by Robert Kiyosaki

Part 1/7 (Conventional education vs. financial education)

Part 2/7 (The Cashflow Quardant)

Part 3/7 (Why Savers Are Losers in This Economy)

Part 4/7 (Assets Vs. L Valid work at home)

Part 5/7 (Good Debt Vs Bad Debt! Valid work at home )

Part 6/7 (The Difference Between Buy, Sell & Fool)

Part 7/7 (FOCUS)

Monday, March 8, 2010

Secret no-4 (massive action)

So, here i am again with secret no 4 to become a successful person. This is one the formula to become successful in any business that we do :

Massive action x Our skill = Massive success

After learning and applying secret no 2 (become an expert- reading leadership, network marketing, motivation book or we can search it trough the net or we also can search and learn it from ), now we put our skill that we gain into an action . There is old man say, without any action, our wisdom is dead. When we put our skill into action, we bring our dream into reality . It is true that when we took our first action, i can guarantee you that we will face a lot of rejection. I GUARANTEE. That was happen to me when i start to take my first action. But, i dont care what because i know the more rejection i meet, the more the chances i'll be success. I dont care what people say to me, the only thing that i know is i learn from the mistake, start it over again with improvement and i start to see these thing working. :-).

Monday, March 1, 2010

March journey


Time is moving too fast. I, myself didn't realize that its already on march. Yesterday it was on February. Since January after i'm, resigning, i think i have a lot of time that i can spend wisely. I don't have to wake up early on morning for ready to go at office. Wasting time in traffic jammed everyday ( i think i have spend around 2 hours everyday just stuck in the traffic jammed). I was happy. I can use these time to develop myself. Every little improvement everyday will make a bit different after 3 months or 6 months (i think i have post about it in my secret-2 , be an expert).

After 3 months doing this network marketing, i realize that i start to change. I start to improve myself, I start to make different. I want to inspired to all people (especially the youngster) to start improving themselves. I challenge you to just take 30 minutes perday to read success book or journal and i believe at the end of the month . This is book that i suggest you to read , "THINK AND GROW RICH" (download here) .

So, start you journey with me. LET GET START WITH MARCH JOURNEY. Yeahhh

Sunday, February 28, 2010

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Secret 3- Goal Setting

Hai.. Here i am again. Giving you, third secret to become success. So, the third secret is GOAL SETTING.

I believe to become success, you have to clear what i your goal. If you don't have any goal now, you better take your pen and paper. Take time to think what is your goal. If you don't have any goal, it is like a ship don't know which land they want to sail. When you stick on your ship, and don't know where you want to go, you can't manage your food on board and finally dying starving before arrive at the shore. IT IS IMPORTANT TO HAVE GOAL.

By borrowing THINK AND GROW RICH by Napoleon Hill goal setting method, I want to share with you how to set your goal.

1.) You must have a goal. List down your goal on a paper. With this way, you'll be precise how to make your dream come true.
2.) You must have time limit to reach your goal. I think you can 1 month, 3 month, 1 year, 3 years goal. You cannot reach your big goal in one shot, you have to reach there step by step. You may face a lot of difficulty, you may sacrifies a lot of thing but they will teach you and make you strong. So, another key here is don't stop in the middle of your war.
3.) You must written down why you must reach the goal.
4.) The last one in goal setting, you must write how to reach the goal.

After you done written down all the necessary step, the last step is to look these goal everyday. So, i suggest you to make a copy of it an put it beside your mirror and at the front page of your daily planner. By looking at it everyday, this will feeding your unconscious mind that more powerful than your conscious mind. So, don't wait any longer.. grab your pen and start to write your goal setting.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Secret no. 2 - Be an expert

Hello everyone. Happy Chinese New Year and Happy Valentine day. I just come from wedding a good friend of mine. We go to same school, we stay in same hostel and after 5 years staying there, we are with our own but still we are friend. :-).

Today, i wanna share with you secret no. 2 to became a success person in our life. Secret no. 2 is be an expert. Oppssss.. You may say to me i can become an expert. I have totally no idea how i can become an expert. Become an expert is very easy. You cant become an expert just for a night. It is impossible. But, doing the thing that we want to expert everyday, apply it again and again in our life believe me, after doing the same task everyday you'll become and expert. If you want to be success, learn from them who have been success. I believe there is a lot of book that you can get from the book store. If you read 5 books this week in one subject, let say it as network marketing, you have become 5 times experience from other people around you.You also a expert if you just know more 1 percent more of these subject. Success people devote their time to learn so that they can become success. I say to my friend, mentor of mine, that i'll develop myself to defeat him. But, as i learn, he also continue learning and he develop himself everyday. I learn and read a lot of book to defeat him but i still can :-). But along the way, when i read a lot of book and learning new things. I begin to become like him, encourage and start to inspired a lot of people. I didn't realize that i have become an expert.

So, if you really serious to become success in your life. Start to learn and become an expert. :-p